Our product portfolio comprises 60+ APIs across various Drug Categories.

Name of the APIs Drug Category Status
Adiphenine Hydrochloride IHS Local AnestheticOthersALL DMF
Agomelatine (Form I) & (Form II) IHS Anti DepressantCNSALL EDMF, KDMF
Alizapride IHS Gastroprokinetic AgentGIALL EDMF, KDMF
Amisulpride EP/BP/IHS/IP Anti PsychoticCNSALL CEP, EDMF, CDMF
Bilastine (Form I) & (Form II) IHS Anti HistamineAntihistaminesALL DMF
Brimonidine Tartrate IHS/IP/EP/USP Anti Glaucoma OthersALL EDMF, CEP
Bazedoxifene IHS Prevention of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis OthersALL TECH PACK
Carvedilol EP/USP/BP/IP Anti HypertensiveCVALL EDMF
Carvedilol Phosphate IHS Anti HypertensiveCVALL TECH PACK
Cetilistat Anti Obesity OthersALL TECH PACK
Cinitapride Hydrogen Tartrate IHS Anti Emetic OthersALL EDMF
Dapoxetine HCI IHS/IP Treatment of Premature Ejaculation OthersALL EDMF, CDMF
Deferasirox IHS Iron Chelator OthersALL DMF
Dronedarone HCI IHS/USP Anti Arrhythmic OthersALL USDMF
Edvarone IHS Treatment of lateral sclerosis OthersALL TECH PACK
Epalrestat IHS/JP Aldose Reductase InhibitorDiabetesALL DMF
Eszopiclone USP/IHS HypnoticCNSALL USDMF, EDMF
Favipiravir IHS Anti ViralOthersALL TECH PACK
Fenticonazole IHS AntifungalOthersALL TECH PACK
Ferric Maltol IHS Iron DeficiencyOthersALL TECH PACK
Hydroxyzine HCI USP/EP/IP/BP Anti HistamineAntihistaminesALL USDMF, CEP EDMF, KDMF
Idrocilamide IHS Skelatal Muscle RelaxantOthersALL DMF
Iloperidone IHS/IP Anti PsychoticCNSALL USDMF
Iron Sorbitol Dextrin Citric Acid Complex IHS HematinicOthersALL TECH PACK
Iron sucrose LIQ IHS POW IHS HematinicOthersALL USDMF, EDMF
ltopride HCI IHS Gastro Prokinetic AgentGIALL EDMF
Ketorolac Tromethamine USP/EP/IP/BP Analgesic & Anti-InflammatoryAnalgesicALL USDMF, CANADIAN DMF, CEP & EDMF
Lanthanum Carbonate IHS Phosphate BinderOthersALL USDMF, CDMF
Levocetirizine Di HCI IHS/IP/USP Anti HistamineAntihistaminesALL USDMF, EDMF
Levosulpiride Anti PsychoticCNSALL DMF
Linezolid (Form III) IHS/USP Anti BacterialAntibioticsALL USDMF, CANADIAN DMF, EDMF, APIMF, CDMF
Linezolid (Form II) IHS/IP/USP Anti BacterialAntibioticsALL APIMF, USDMF EDMF, CDMF
Meclizine HCI USP/EP/BP/IP Anti HistamineAntihistaminesALL CEP, USDMF, EDMF
Meprobamate USP/EP Anti HypertensiveCVALL USDMF, EDMF
Mosapride Citrate Dihydrate IHS/IP/JP Gastro Prokinetic AgentGIALL EDMF, CDMF, KDMF
Ondansetron HCI Dihydrate USP/EP/BP/IP Anti EmeticOthersALL DMF, CEP*
Phentermine HCI USP AnorexicCNSALL USDMF
Pregabalin IHS/IP/EP/USP/BP Anti ConvulsantCNSALL EDMF
Prucalopride Succinate IHS Prokinetic AgentGIALL CDMF, EDMF USDMF, KDMF
Racecadotril EP/BP/IP Anti DiarrhoealGIALL CEP, EDMF, CDMF
Ramelteon IHS/IP Treatment of InsomniaCNSALL DMF
Stanozolol USP Anabolic SteroidOthersALL TECH PACK
Sucroferric Oxyhydroxide IHS Treatment of HyperphosphatemiaOthersALL USDMF
Tamsulosin HCI IP/USP/EP/BP Treatment of BPHOthersALL TECH PACK
Tapentadol Hydrochloride IHS/IP Analgesic & Anti-Inflammatory AnalgesicALL DMF
Tapentadol Phosphate IHS Analgesic & Anti-Inflammatory AnalgesicALL DMF
Thalidomide USP ImmunomodulatorOthersALL DMF
Tizanidine Hydrochloride USP/IP/EP Muscle RelaxantOthersALL DMF, CDMF, CEP*
Tofisopam IHS/JP Treatment of Anxiety & Alcohol WithdrawlCNSALL DMF
Vilazodone IHS Anti DepressantCNSALL TECH PACK
Apixaban IHS * Anti CoagulantAnticoagulantALL DMF
Cadazolid IHS * Anti BacterialsAntibioticsALL TECH PACK
Flibanserin IHS * Female AphrodisiacOthersALL DMF
Lorcaserin HCI IHS * Anti NeoplasticOthersALL TECH PACK
Pomalidomide IHS * AnorecticOthersALL DMF
Rivaroxaban IHS/EP * Anti CoagulantAnticoagulantALL USDMF, EDMF
Selexipag IHS * Treatment of Pulmonary HypertensionCVALL DMF
Vildagliptin IHS * Anti-diabeticDiabetesALL TECH PACK
Vortioxetine HBr IHS * Anti DepressantCNSALL DMF
Isavuconozonium IHS Anti FungalOthersALL TECH PACK
Naftifine IHS Anti FungalOthersALL TECH PACK
Tegaserod IHS Treatment of Irritable Bowel SyndromeGIALL TECH PACK
Thiothixene IHS Anti PsychoticCNSALL TECH PACK
Trimethobenzamide IHS Anti EmeticOthersALL TECH PACK
Umifenovir HCI IHS Anti ViralOthersALL TECH PACK
Vilanterol IHS Treatment of COPDOthersALL TECH PACK
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* Means: The following products are intended to be supplied solely for uses reasonably relating to the testing and development of information, for regulatory submission, strictly according to the section 107A of the Indian Patents Act, 1970.

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